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No shipping costs for online orders of Ludgers N Nutritionals (not in combination with bags of horse feed)

Save up to 70% shipping costs for online orders of Ludgers P horsefeed:
Quantities of 10 bags or more are shipped with paletts. Shipping costs are only 15,- € instead of 50,- €

Convinced by Quality!

Adequate nutrition is the basis for everything I wish from my horses: Health, longevity, poise and performance.

Good horse feed starts with high-quality raw materials that can ensure an ideal digestion, if composed correctly.

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Success requires appropriate, high-quality feeding.

The feed is for the horse

Ludgers P Horse Feed is as simple as it is effective. It is composed of well-sought-out raw materials and leaves out everything that is not horse-appropriate. Our product range is optimized for the demands of leisure activities, professional sports, as well as breeding, always taking into consideration the diverse requirements of the horse.

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The horse´s requirements
are the main priority.

Sometimes nutritional supplements are inevitable

Even with the basis of an ideal daily feed, situations can occur, in which the basic nutritional supply is not sufficient, for instance in times of intense physical efforts. In theses cases nutritional supplements can be of great help! Also in the early stages of bringing up a young horse, supplementary support for the horse´s organism can be vital for a healthy and successful life.

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